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“Every child is born an artist. The problem is how to remain an artist once you grow up.”- Pablo Picasso

  • Reawaken and nurture your innate ability to create
  • Create a painting worth hanging on your wall
  • Experience the creative process with materials beyond just paints and brushes
  • Fun, surprising, challenging, and rewarding private events throughout the Twin Cities and surrounding areas
  • Professionally trained artists encouraging stress reduction, artistic expression and social interaction
  • No painting experience necessary

No two events are ever the same, so take some time, relax and come paint with Art and Elixir.

Art and Elixir is proud to bring you a variety of new art-making options to our private events. Visit our Art Gallery or click here for more information.

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With our private events you are able to customize everything from the date, to the venue, to choosing one of our many paintings from our art gallery!


Painting Event Options

Choose the painting event to match your skillset or mood. Our options include step-by-step, mixed media, and murals. No art experience required.


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Meet Our Owner

Terri Roberts

Terri Roberts is the proud owner of Art and Elixir. Her passion for the arts began when she was a very young child and it remains deep in her heart. She believes that art is an enlightening experience and that should be shared with others, which is why she chose art as her career.


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