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Art & Elixir is fabulous! We had a private class held for my bachelorette party and it was such a fun experience! Our instructor Cassie was FANTASTIC! Thank you for helping create such good memories on a special day!”

Boom Boom Peterson, Facebook

It was awesome! Such a fun evening – and I love the painting! I would recommend Art & Elixir to anyone looking for a fun and fulfilling evening! (I did the paint by number portrait)

Brenda, Facebook

It was the best birthday party I’ve ever attended. Painting is my hobby and it was wonderful to share it with friends and family, and see them discover it as a potential new hobby for themselves. What a joyful experience. Thank you.


An event with Art and Elixir is a perfect way to spend an evening with a group of friends or even a group with a shared interest. Pick a date, favorite painting and restaurant and when the evening comes relax and have a great time.


My friends and I did an event with Art & Elixir for a bachelorette party and it was FABULOUS! The staff was very helpful with organizing the event and great during the event! I would definitely book another Art and Elixir event!


“Love, love, love this! A group of us do this every month. Wouldn’t miss it.”

Chantal Heetland

What a great experience! I have absolutely NO artistic ability and I did this!! I liked it so much I had mine framed at class and have already registered to do my next class in two weeks!

Michelle Dinehart

It’s one of the best experiences I’ve ever had. Lots of fun and I always meet new people. The pictures are fun, easy to do and the instructors are awesome! I can’t get enough, I just keep coming back!


I have attended various wine/painting events through different groups, and Art & Elixir provided the best experience by far. The instructors are fun, personable, and really enjoy their work! Setting up a private party was easy, and everyone had a blast. It was pretty much impossible not to have a great time!!!

Diane Harder

This was really fun! My boyfriend and I went to a date night event. We were super impressed with our results and how much fun it really was. We’ll be back for more!

Anonymous Groupon User

An enjoyable experience. As someone who doesn’t consider myself in the least bit artistic, I was amazed at how well my paintings turned out!


This is a really fun night, A great way to get together with friends and everyone has an artist in them waiting to be discovered. It’s amazing how everyone’s pictures turn out whether you’ve painted before or not. The instructors are fun, I have done it several times now and have been extremely satisfied. I have even made new friends with the people that you’re sitting next to.

Anonymous Groupon User

It was a great time and experience to share with my daughters – a great girls night out and we brought home something to remember it by. The other attendees were a lot of fun and very helpful and the instructors were great!

Anonymous Groupon User

This was such a fun experience. The teachers made the learning part very easy. This was a Girl’s Night Out kind of event for me, but I enjoyed it so much I purchased another class as a gift to my mom for Mother’s Day. We can’t wait to have a mom and daughter outing!

Anonymous Groupon User

Love, love, loved it! The woman I spoke to book our appointment was so helpful. The ladies who taught the painting class were fun and helpful. It was a great time and we would love to do it again.

Anonymous Groupon User

I had a wonderful time with Art and Elixir. Even for a left-brained person like myself, I came away with a painting I can be proud of. It’s nice to have the opportunity to expand horizons without a huge monetary or time commitment. Thanks!

Anonymous Groupon User

“Just completed my third painting with Art & Elixir… doing these!! The leaders are great and the evenings are so much fun. Thanks for bringing this to our area. Can’t wait to do more!!!”

Trish Winter Gieseke

“I joined a group of friends doing an Art & Elixir painting for a Bachelorette Party! We painted the Wishing Flowers painting. Our instructor was excellent and a great time was had by all!”

Rebecca Minogue

“I have attended 3 events and have 2 more already on my calendar. I love it! And am completely hooked. Everyone is so nice and provides encouragement and suggestions. For someone like me with absolutely no artistic talent, that is great. And although my paintings will never hang in a gallery, I enjoy sharing them with my family, and displaying them in my personal space at home. What an amazing idea for having fun, meeting new people, and spending time with some really nice instructors. Thanks gang!!!”

Royetta D.

“Brought my sister and her fiancé for a little pre-wedding celebration and we had a great time. Instructors were very helpful and knowledgeable. Two of us painted something different than the rest of the group. Even though we weren’t doing the chosen painting, the instructors were still helpful. We were all happy with how our paintings turned out!”

Angela Conley

“I’ve done 2 paintings and had a lot of fun. The instructions are easy to follow and the instructors are funny, as well as professional. I’ve told all my friends and can’t wait to do it again!”

Kelly Youngblom

“Was a fun and relaxing evening out! The instructor was encouraging and very helpful, making painting a joy. Looking forward to seeing more classes in Spanish offered soon!”

Amy Amsler

“Last night was the first time I ever did a paint event in my life. The instructor was very approachable and personable. The best thing about this is that you do not need to have any prior experience with art. The class I attended was in Spanish, and I would highly recommend it. I also plan to attend other events in the future from this company. I really had a great time and would recommend it for anybody looking for something fun to do.”

Sarah S.

“I was part of a group of 15+ women celebrating a 70th birthday party and painted on canvas for the first time under the direction of Art & Elixir. It was a lovely mix of friends, food, cocktails, and learning something new. I would highly recommend this for a productive and enjoyable way to celebrate a milestone birthday!”

Rhonda Rossman

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