Painting Event Options

New Painting Event Options

Whether you choose one of our step-by-step painting event options or choose from our more creative events, our art instructors act as facilitators to encourage, support, motivate, and challenge guests through the process of art making.

Our painting event options include classics like:

  • Featured: Guided Step-by-Step Feature Painting (add your own flair and choose your own colors)
  • Customized: Paint Yourself by Number, Pet Portrait, Photo Transfer, Custom Buildings
  • Art Expression: Intuitive Painting, Mixed Media, “Words, Quotes, or Verses

We are also offering a few new painting event options this year. Try out one of these during your next visit:

Art Serenity

Art Serenity Options For Art and Elixir

Medidoodles and mandalas can bring us to a meditative state or at least to the place I call “in the zone.” We will spontaneously create these designs with pencils, markers and paint while listening to relaxing music. Just like meditation, doodling also allows us to switch off our brains from other thoughts and focus only in the moment, helping to alleviate stress and anxiety. It can be particularly beneficial for people who aren’t as comfortable with the art-making process. It feels safer and it creates containment around their process.

Intuitive Painting/ Mixed Media

Intuitive Painting and Mixed Media Art Classes

Art provides individuals a way to express their intuition, thoughts, feelings and emotions. When creating the intuitive painting the focus is not on a particular subject matter. It is about creating with your energy, movement and emotion. It’s about the process of creating rather than on the final outcome. This class allows for an opportunity to enjoy playing, exploring and experimenting with design, color and various materials applied by the creator.

We will provide you with some basic knowledge about color and composition, but the goal is to allow each creator to explore with little structured direction. Music is a catalyst to clearing the mind of the day’s activities in order to focus on the moment of creating. So, prepare to surrender to the moment, listen to your intuition, and watch how the painting guides you.

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