Customized Paintings

We offer a range of customizable painting options that give you guided help in adding an element that is completely unique to you and your painting. We do encourage creativity in changing elements such as colors and subject for all of our events, but our customizable events go one step further in a fully guided and unique experience.

“Man’s” Best Friend

We offer a “Man’s” Best Friend event where you get to paint your very own pet. For this event you will email in a quality photo of your pet for us to sketch onto your canvas prior to class. During class we will guide you through recreating your best friend including how to create fur, a nose, and eyes that come to life. A great personalized gift for someone special. You will be amazed at what you can create in this beginner class!


Remember the paint-by-numbers you grew up with as a child? We are recreating that same nostalgic experience here at Art & Elixir. The best part is that for this paint-by-number you get to paint an image of yourself, someone you know, or someone famous! We will do all the work converting your image into a paint-by-number so that at the event all you will have to do is fill in the spaces with colors we help you choose. A great personalized gift for someone special. You will easily create a painting that is a stunning resemblance of your photo!

Customized Text

A number of our paintings include a customized text option. For these paintings you will email in your chosen text and which we will prepare for your canvas prior to class. Choose your favorite quote, poem, bible verse, or saying. We have a number of tricks to get your chosen text onto your canvas successfully. Look for the “customizable text” header for any class where you get to add in this fun personalized text option.

Photo Transfer

Similar to the work of Andy Warhol with his famous repeating print of Marilyn Monroe, our photo transfer classes allow you to easily replicate a photo on your canvas. We will guide you through applying the photo transfer of your submitted photo as well as how to color it in to create a unique keepsake.

Multi-Media and Collage

Your creativity should not be limited to just paint! We have a handful of paintings that allow you to experiment with other unique materials and elements. For these events you will use such elements as specialty papers, charcoals, stencils, stamps, and newsprint to name a few. We will also use innovative tools including artist palate knives, sponges, combs, and your fingers! Each event will have different tools and elements allowing for a unique experience at each of our multi-media and collage events.

Intuitive Painting

A wonderful intro to painting as we guide you with prompts that will encourage experimentation on your canvas. A fun way to get relaxed and to play with acrylic paints. There is no right or wrong, only your inner expressions come out on your canvas. Choose your own colors and interpretation of our prompts for a painting that is completely unique to you. Set your play date with us now!

Open Studio

Choose exactly what goes onto your canvas using our painting supplies and your ideas. There will be no featured painting to follow along with so bring your ideas and our talented artists will be there to assist you in creating your painting. For details in upgrading to a customizable event style call Tara at 612-998-9941.


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