Meet Our Artists


Terri Roberts

I am Terri Roberts, the owner of Art and Elixir. My passion for the arts began when I was a very young child and it remains deep in my heart. I have always seen the world from an aesthetic perspective. Creating through drawing and painting has been an outlet for personal expression at times when words were not enough.

Life is filled with ups and downs. I have my share of both and at those times art is my celebration and my escape, something to call my own, something that renews my confidence. It is my method to sustaining sanity, my source of healing and the center of my spirituality. I understand the value of art as a way to freely express emotions in a public yet often very personal way.

I believe that art should be an enlightening experience and that is why I decided to take my career to the place I have dreamed of since I was a child. Passion is what drives and motivates us. I want to share my passion for art with others who may not have discovered the artists within themselves.

Teaching has also been a passion of mine since I was young. I attended college at the University of Minnesota, graduating with a degree in Elementary Education with a concentration in Fine Arts. I was a classroom teacher and a teacher on special assignment, working with “at-risk” students. I have done volunteer work with the Minneapolis Institute of Arts, teaching classes and coached children for a program called Destination Imagination and Odyssey of the Mind. I raised three girls, all of them artistic in many ways. I became an entrepreneur, owning a faux and decorative finishing business, and have also traveled as a national instructor for the faux industry. I also held a position as President of Northern Territory Artisans association.

I am following my aspirations and will continue to use my experiences and training to help others discover or rediscover theirs.



Cassie was born and raised in Duluth, MN. She received her Associate of Fine Arts from Lake Superior College, and Bachelor of Arts from the University of Minnesota thanks to supportive family and friends. Painting, ceramics, drawing and occasionally glassblowing keep her busy and involved in the art community. She recently moved from Minneapolis. You can find Cassie at the Schmidt Artist Lofts in St. Paul­­ working on her personal collection, hanging out with her newborn son, hula hooping, camping, fishing, at local music shows, or teaching with Art and Elixir!

Bill Lindau

Bill Lindau

Much of Bill’s childhood was spent in a series of alternate realities. On days when the sun was out (instead of cleaning his room), he was outside looking for trolls, goblins, and dragons. On days when it was raining, he sat inside pouring over books to fuel his imagined worlds. At some point, he picked up a pencil and translated these places and the characters who inhabited them into drawings. When Bill grew up, he attended the College of Visual Arts. A year after graduating, his first illustrated novel, Tzeitel and the Woods, made its debut at Art-A-Whirl 2014.

Bill’s artistic practice is all about storytelling—and storytelling inherently falls within the scope of teaching. He believes that by teaching art to others, he is giving them the tools they need to tell their own stories. After spending a few years in a classroom setting, teaching art to elementary and high school students, Bill joined forces with Art and Elixir to continue his journey as a teacher and visual storyteller.


Kory Rudenberg

Majoring in Studio Art and History, Kory graduated from the University of Minnesota, Duluth. Living in Duluth provided pathways and influence of natural elements as well as adoration for large bodies of water. Art and Elixir has allowed room for an imaginative flourish within everyday life. Bringing a sense of classical painting techniques as well as openness for creative expression, Kory encourages artistic adventures from every aspect. With a passion for good cheese and Scandinavian fare, Kory lives with a thirst for travel and an ever-enduring Christmas cactus named Memphis.

The Vision for Art & Elixir

The inspiration to create Art & Elixir came from my desire to encourage even those who have never before painted on canvas to step out of their comfort zone with us. It allows our artists to utilize teaching and our art experience, as we guide others to create something beautiful – not only an art piece to display and enjoy, but more, a sense of pride for their newly discovered artist talent.


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